I help Millennials to create a completely new life path, so they can live with more self confidence, clarity and zest for life!

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I’m a life & mindset coach and speaker. I have a passion for helping people like you to uplevel their life. People like you, who want to get out of the rat race and start somewhere else. People like you, who want to do things different from anyone else.

I can support you in finally finding that clarity you are looking for and can be your personal cheerleader while you are running towards your goals.

If you are on this page to get some inspiration, get to know me, access some useful tools from my goody bag , want to work with me 1-1, or want to engage me for your next speaking event - you are so welcome here in my online home and I hope I can inspire you already by browsing through my pages.



"The most important thing about getting somewhere is starting right where we are." - Bruce Barton

Inspiration. Motivation. Transformation.

My job contract was ending and I was feeling like I needed some guidance choosing a new direction and help with my overall confidence in order to land my dream job.
A friend of mine referred me for this particular coaching course, because of the situation I was in and the timing it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take!
Sophia has such a warm, open and energetic personality, you can speak with her about absolutely anything and her coaching has helped me in many ways both professionally and personally.
I loved all of the helpful suggestions and direction when I wasn’t sure what to do next. The discussions were always very inspiring and I always felt comfortable sharing my thoughts.
My friends have noticed more motivation and reliability in me since starting the course.
The biggest change has been in my general confidence levels, instead of shying away I am now getting out there and taking action to get things done!
The course is a worthwhile investment in yourself and something I would recommend to anyone needing a bit of guidance in their life.
— Brooke
The best thing about our time together was that you never judged me. I had the feeling that I could really tell you everything and I felt very much understood. I also thought it was great (though more difficult in the beginning) that you made me come up with the next steps and ideas myself, where I want to go and what I actually want. And of course your always positive nature - that fascinated me very much and I felt so good after every coaching, friends at work noticed that immediately after I came out of our session. :)

One of the most important insights I have gained in the last months and in my life, especially during our coaching sessions, is that I have complete control over my life and am responsible for everything. I know that I can have another job if I work towards it.

Coaching with you is especially great when you can’t get any further in one or more areas and somehow can’t manage to do/change anything.

If I had to describe my coaching experience in three words, it would be: magic, empowering, happy. 
— Juliane
Effort, Work, Bliss

I was aimless, had no motivation anymore to shape my day in any way. In short: I was quite dissatisfied with my life. Still, I wanted to change something. I wanted to feel like I was living again. An inner force was looking for a solution. Then I met Sophia and just knew that she was the right one! So it was just a question of feeling. I didn’t know what to expect. I was insecure, but I knew it was the right thing for me. After the first hour I was no longer so afraid to change certain things in my life because I was in good hands. Have my friends and family noticed a change? Yes! I seemed alive again!

Now I no longer worry about problems. I don’t immediately find a solution, but I have learned to ask myself the right questions in order to find a solution. That was the biggest change for me.
Sophia’s special nature and intuition deeply touches one’s heart.
— Kübranur

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