I’m your life & mindset coach that will lovingly kick your butt and make you realise that you can achieve ANYTHING you want. Ready?

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Are you done with living this life where you wake up on Mondays and wish it was Friday already?

Do you want to wake up excited about the day and be clear about what you need to do next to live your dream?

Are you dreaming of traveling and just starting over in a new place?

Do you want to feel more alive and let go of all the stories you are telling yourself as to why you can’t go for your dreams?

I know what it’s like to live this life that is expected from us - school, university, job - career and done. I’ve lived day after day feeling tortured at my office job and wanting to do more, wanting to use my time in a more fulfilling way. I felt the uncertainty and confusion about what to do with my life - it’s not been all sunshine and rainbows but here I am!


As your life & mindset coach I can help you to finally find clarity around what it is that you want and what you have to do to achieve it. I can help you create a very different life, a life that you designed. I want you to live the BEST life possible, because I believe that you deserve it. You are here to shine and make this world a better place with your gifts (yes, you have them!). Together we will create exciting goals and steps towards achieving them. We will look at your beliefs and work on getting you that life that you have always secretly dreamed of.

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Beautiful. Exciting. Goal-orientated.

When I started coaching together with Sophia, I felt very bad in my job. I was not satisfied and wanted to start something completely new. At that time my self-confidence was quite low and I was afraid of everything - especially my future.

What I liked most about our time together were the aha moments. I found out so much about myself. Above all, I liked the fact that I could continuously see that something was happening.

In the beginning the stone was set in motion and suddenly so many great things happened. I also liked the familiar atmosphere and the fact that we always had something to laugh about.

My friends and family definitely noticed changes. I have become more self-confident and now do what I want to do and no longer what others expect me to do.

The biggest change was that I quit my job without having anything new in store. I took the time to think about what I really want in life. I found a new job that makes me infinitely happy and that I enjoy very much. Now I am self-confidently going my own way.

I have already recommended the coaching with the words: If you are really willing to make changes in your life, but you don’t know how to do it, then get in touch with Sophia.
— Melina

Aside from finally being clear on what it is that you want and knowing how to get there, you will also be a more confident you, that walks into a room without fear of being seen, but instead excited to chat to people about your dreams and goals. You will be able to trust your intuition and get out of bed without even thinking about what day of the week it is. Now how does that sound?


So now you might wonder how exactly we are getting you from where you are right now to the new

- shiny version, full of energy, clarity and life -

There are two ways to work with me 1:1


60 min Consult

  • We discuss one or two areas you are needing help with, that may be a decision you have to make or you simply need a second opinion on your next steps

  • I help you find clarity and focus

  • You can also pick my brain in my areas of expertise

  • We will develop action steps, so you can get straight into action after our call

12 week intensive 1:1 Coaching

  • 1x 90 minute goal-setting session, which is all about your goals, ideas and you as a person - we put together a powerful intention for the next 3 months

  • 5x 60 minutes calls via Skype/WhatsApp/FaceTime, fortnightly

  • Email / WhatsApp Support, as much as you need

  • Extensive notes after each session

  • Selected materials that support you additionally

YOUR investment:


Your investment:

€1400 TOTAL or three monthly payments of €500

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You are the perfect coaching client for me if you:

are ready to challenge yourself and work on the actions we create together

are willing to let go of old beliefs in order to create new ones

are wanting to step up and feel as alive as you have never before

are jumping up and down your chair right now and can’t wait to begin the journey!

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My life coaching is not for you if:

you are not ready to do the work and hope I will arrange everything for you

you just want some advice

you always find excuses and avoid working on yourself

you can’t commit to our regular calls


You think you are not worthy enough of investing that money in yourself? Of course please don’t put yourself in any financial difficulties to work with me, but also consider how much it would cost you if you continue living like this? How much time, energy and money are you spending right now that could be easily changed for the better?

I consider investments in myself the most powerful ones, because I value personal growth and I value myself. Do you too?

Changes – Progress – Happiness

I was coming out of the hardest year of my life. Felt great to achieve things I dreamed about a couple of years before. I think I wanted the next step and the next success right away or at least to start working hard for it now, that I was missing the most important thing which was enjoying the process and being fulfilled by the simple act of being my best self.

I didn’t start coaching because I was looking for a coach but I’m glad I took the decision. I heard about Sophia and wanted to help someone like that to start with this great mission of helping people. Also I was thinking about people who may need this coaching cause they didn’t have an idea about what they wanted in life and some other people I felt were a little lost in their ideas and needed some guidance to find what is really inside of them. Then I decided that I needed to try it first myself to be able to recommend.
As well one of the clicks in my head to start was that the most successful people are always willing to invest in themselves, they invest time and money on it and they know it will pay the best interest and they never feel like they already know it all. So I did start and it helped me thousand times more than what I expected. I started immediately recommending and now there are more people enjoying this process as well.

After the first session I knew that was going to be a great journey that only could bring some great things. Of course I felt a little awkward to come to tell my thoughts to someone that I don’t know but that was the only way to really get the best out of it and Sophia always make it feel natural and easy to share thoughts and situations. I knew there was more to find inside of me and to work on than what I thought at that moment and I needed to take responsibility of it.

I know my friends and closed ones have noticed a change as well. And for me the most important thing is that I feel and see the progress and how that impact (and will impact) my day to day life and others around me.
My biggest change? Stronger better habits – Enjoying the process. These two with all the small things that are considered inside each of them is changing my every day, which added up is changing the bigger image.
— Arturo, Mechatronics Engineer
Motivating, Gentle, Revealing

When we started coaching, there wasn’t much going on in my life. I had the feeling that I wasn’t making any progress and wasted my time. I found that frustrating.
Sophia had confidence that I could change my mindset and achieve my goals. I wanted to feel this trust in myself again!

Now I can say: If you want to change, no matter if big or small, go for it! More is possible than you might think now.
What I liked best was that Sophia gives the space to bring the unconscious wishes and blockages to light and to work with these insights step by step.
I have learned how to make my day better and find a good balance between work, university and time for myself. I am more determined to tackle and implement things. I can also stand behind my decisions in a better and more resolute way!
— Sophie
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Exciting, fascinating & enriching.

I wanted to improve my communication with my environment. I always had problems and thought a coach could help me to solve my blockages. Before the first lesson I felt nervous and insecure. I didn’t know what to expect. After that I felt relieved and I felt that there were still many great changes to come.

My friends experience me as more open and they say I radiate more happiness. My work colleagues approach me on an equal footing and my work relationships have become much more personal.

My personality is much stronger and I meet challenges with more calmness and tranquility. I feel more comfortable in my skin and am more at peace with myself.

Sophia has a loving, honest, positive way of doing things, with which she manages to motivate everyone to master their challenges. She puts a lot of love, heart and soul into her coaching and always meets you at eye level.
— Isabelle, Nurse
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Do you want to experience the same as other happy clients have? Just hit apply and I’ll see if we’re a good fit!



If you have any questions - I’m trying to answer them here, but of course, if there is anything else- please just text me and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can. :)

  1. My goals seem really big and I don’t really know if three months are enough to tackle them.

    I absolutely understand! After reading your answers from the pre-coaching questionnaire, I can roughly see if it’s a three months or six months journey to get you where you want to be. This will also become clearer after our first complementary chat. In general, most of my coaching series are three months long but it is definitely possible to start a six months series as well.

  2. Is Life-Coaching like psychotherapy?

    Nope. I always describe it that way: psychotherapy looks back into the past and figures out WHY you do certain things. In life coaching we focus on the future and on your goals. So, opposite direction. Although you might have realizations in between as to why you act in a way you do, it’s nothing we are focusing on but rather how we can get you closer and closer to your dream life and your goals.

  3. What happens after we finish with our coaching series?

    After we finish our series, you will feel pretty proud and amazing - first of all. :) I often offer my clients to keep on sending me updates on how they are doing or when they have achieved a certain milestone. But of course you are also more than welcome to schedule a 1hour session with me at any time after we are finished to see how you are doing and what you need to move further.

  4. How can I pay?

    You can by via bank transfer or Paypal. If you don’t want to pay in full, there are also monthly payments available. I really want you to be able to go on this journey!

  5. This seems like a lot of money to invest, can you make it any cheaper?

    Unfortunately no. The thing is - you can’t really put a price on the results you are getting. I always look at it that way - personal investments are the best ones you can make. They are yours and only yours. No one can take them from you. And the interest you get on these investments is more than you can think of. Also it is only normal that the more you invest in coaching the more YOU are invested in it and really make use of our time together. This ensures you will get the best results possible.

  6. I don’t know if I can commit to the biweekly calls.

    I know we are all busy and have our day to day life - so it’s absolutely no problem if we have to reschedule once or twice. Just let me know as soon as possible when you know you can’t make it to a scheduled session. Other then that I have a very flexible calendar and we’ll make sure to find suitable dates and hours for you to have the coaching fit into your life.

  7. Do I have to be in a certain timezone?

    No, you can live anywhere in the world and we’ll make it happen!

  8. Will you give me advice?

    No, the coaching sessions are no consults and I won’t tell you what to do. My part is to ask you questions and discuss with you what you have done and see how we can get you to the next level. Of course I sometimes share insights and ideas that suit a certain situation, but I will never tell what you have to do.

  9. How does a session typically look like?

    Great question! Every session looks different of course and our first session is different from the rest because we will set your goals and develop your first actions. From then on we will go over your actions every two weeks, speak about the learnings, your thoughts, your feelings and develop more steps to get you to your final goal. On the way I’m cheering you on and give you all the support you need!