“Full of enthusiasm and youthful freshness Sophia is talking about her experiences in real life.”  


- Students & Teachers Humboldt Gymnasium Cottbus


Are you looking for an engaging and authentic speaker to talk about topics such as:

  • how our thoughts create our world

  • becoming friends with fear

  • living after your own expectations not someone else’s

  • putting yourself first and why it’s important

  • solo travel and leaving the comfort zone

  • finding your way after finishing high school  


Then I would highly encourage you to get in touch with me so we can see, how I can support you with your event and make it unforgettable

When I’m on stage and get my word out there, I feel so alive and at home - I love it! Would you have told me in high school that one day I would speak in front of people, I would have said you’re crazy. But now that I’m speaking about topics I love and am passionate about - it’s just such a joy to be in a room full of people and share my thoughts.


My three keynote presentations are:

  1. Creating your life with your thoughts

  2. Why it’s important to live life to the fullest

  3. How you can let go of fear

When I’m speaking, I speak my truth and from my heart. I engage with the audience so that everyone gets the opportunity to chat and learn from each other, one of my favorite parts!

Now if you feel like I would perfectly fit into your event, I’m so happy to talk to you.

Even though I have my keynote presentations, I’m very curious to hear about your ideas and wishes! If you have any topic in mind that you think could be covered by me as well, let’s chat and build something together (of course at no extra costs).

"The only reason to give a speech is to change the world."

- Nick Morgan